International events

Slow Food organizes a number of large international gatherings that bring together our network from around the world to share knowledge and experiences. These include:

Salone del Gusto

In October of every even-numbered year small-scale food producers from all over the world come to Turin, Italy to showcase their products to more than 150,000 people. Visitors taste presidia products and cuisines from nearly every continent and participate in taste workshops.

Terra Madre

Terra Madre, which means Mother Earth, is Slow Food’s project to build an international network of food producers and representatives of local communities, chefs, academics and young people to establish a system of good, clean and fair food production, respectful of planet Earth, the people who live on it and the diversity of their tastes, foods and cultures. In a world dominated by industrial agriculture, Terra Madre actively supports a small-scale, sustainable and local model. Every two years, all the Terra Madre networks (food producers, cooks, universities, the Slow Food Youth Network)come together at the Madre Terra world meeting of food communities in Turin, Italy, to share their experiences and discuss common problems.

AsiO Gusto

'AsiO'is a compound word of 'Asia'and 'Oceania', 'Gusto' comes from the Italian word which means 'taste'. The first event which was held in Namyangju City, South Korea, in October 2013, represented a milestone in the history of Slow Food. AsiO Gusto is the biennial celebration of the food traditions of Asia and Oceania. Asia and Oceania are rich in bio- and culinary diversity, counting 100,000 still-cultivated traditional rice varieties, fermented foods, spices and thousands of types of tea, along with the rich gastronomic traditions that have evolved around them. “AsiO Gusto” will become the third largest world food exhibitions in the world after following Italy's ' Salone del Gusto 'and ' Euro Gusto ' events.

Slow Cheese

Slow Cheese is dedicated to milk in all its shapes and forms, not only cheese (it is a stunning display of the very best cheeses from all over the world), but also butter, milk, yogurt, ice cream and so on. This event also provides a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness of some important issues, like the disappearance of cheeses, animal breeds, pastures and herders, and at the same time the loss of traditional methods and skills of making cheese, which affects our food culture and freedom to choose as consumers.

Slow Meat

The first Slow Meat event took place in 2014 in Denver, in the United States. On that occasion, consumers, ranchers, animal welfare advocates, chefs and butchers gathered together to discuss the barriers that prevent us from moving our animal husbandry system from fast to slow, and find ways to overcome them. It encourages people to eat less and of better quality meat.

Slow Fish

It was first held at Genoa of the Italian port city in 2004. It brings fishing communities together dedicated to discuss about the crisis in our oceans and waterways, and to explore ways of responsibly enjoying seafood.

Slow Wine

Through its guide, on-line magazine and international tour, Slow Food supports and promotes small-scale Italian winemakers who are using traditional techniques, working with respect for the environment and safeguarding the biodiversity of grape varieties that are part of Italy’s heritage.