Headquartered in Beijing, Slow Food Great China is a Chinese national association linked to the Slow Food International network, following its values, criterion, process and structure. The presentation event of the organization took place in January 2015 at the Italian Embassy in Beijing. Under the umbrella of the Ministry of Agriculture of PRC, Slow Food Great China has established an alliance with China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation, and is currently being registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs as a non-profit organization. We are committed to celebrating the rich food traditions of China, protecting our edible biodiversity, supporting sustainable cultivation and processing methods, and promoting social justice.


Eating is an agricultural act. Informed, selective consumers become co-producers by demanding food that is good, clean and fair:

  • “Good”: refers to the delicious, tasty, fresh, local, seasonal, pollution-free foods. To make a food's flavor and aroma into a perfect combination of producer's expertise, choice of raw materials and production methods, which in now way should alter its naturalness ;

  • “Clean” : Foods production doesn’t cause the tensions of the earth's resources and ecosystem, every stage of foods in the agro-industrial production chain should protect the environment, safeguarding the health of the consumer and the producer , meeting the demand of sustainable production;

  • “Fair” : accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for producers,safeguarding the interests of small-scale producers.

Here you may understand all information about the whole processes of foods from producing-supplying-consuming, and you can find more information about the whole food production chain (from agricultural raw materials to food products in markets and shops) in order to know where your foods come from and where to find “good, clean and fair”foods.