Why the name Slow Food?

It’s a way of saying no to the rise of fast food and fast life. Slow Food means living an unhurried life, taking time to enjoy simple pleasures, starting at the table.

Why the snail symbol?

The snail was chosen because it moves slowly, calmly eating its way through life. It also happens to be a culinary specialty in the area around the northern Italian town of Bra, where the Slow Food movement was born.

How come Slow Food began in the town Bra?

Bra is the hometown of Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini. Located in a region famous for its wines, white truffles, cheese and beef; it proved to be the perfect incubator for the Slow Food movement.

Does Slow Food mean organic?

No. Although Slow Food supports the principles behind organic agriculture, such as promoting methods that have a low impact on the environment and reducing the use of pesticides, it also argues that organic agriculture, when practiced extensively, is similar to conventional monoculture cropping. Organic certification alone should therefore not be considered a sure sign that a product is grown sustainably. Most of the Slow Food Presidia practice organic techniques, however very few are officially certified on account of the high costs of certification.

Can I use the Slow Food logo for my products or restaurant?

No. The Slow Food logo is a registered trademark and can be used only in connection with Slow Food’s international, national and local convivia events.

What is Slow Food’s position on genetically modified organisms?

While obviously not opposed to research by universities and public bodies. Slow Food is against the commercial planting of genetically engineered crops. We are capable of transplanting a gene from one species to another, but we are not yet capable of predicting or containing the results, which could create a threat to our natural and agricultural biodiversity.

Another problem with GM crop cultivation is its tendency to take the choice of what crops to grow out of farmers’ hands. When pollen from GM fields drifts miles down the road to pollinate conventional or organic fields, farmers unwittingly put labor and capital into harvesting crops they did not plant.

Slow Food believes that all products containing genetically engineered ingredients should be accurately labeled to allow consumers to make educated buying decisions.

What does Slow Food think about globalization?

In today's prosperous, global consumer economy, Slow Food does not reject consumption per se, but the homogenization of taste and the spread of unhealthy food.

On the contrary, we strongly believe that a “ virtuous globalization ” has the potential to create openings for niche food cultures to thrive.